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with Ray Wirth, Registered Maine Guide

  1. Why a Guide?
    As friendly as it can sometimes seem, the ocean is a dangerous place. Cold water temperatures, fog and low visibility, boat traffic, changes in weather, and the convoluted-ness of the Maine coastline make sea kayaking in Maine especially challenging. A guide is an extra pair of hands, and extra pair of eyes, an added perspective of experience and local knowledge as well as being a weather monitor, an equipment bearer, a natural history interpretator, and first aid provider.
  2. I can't decide if I should take a lesson or a tour.
    The small guide-to-guest ratio of our tours allows us to provide some instruction on techniques and safety during a tour. Strokes, rescues, navigation, minimum impact use of islands, and even use of Inuit style paddles are some of the possibilities.
  3. How long in advance should I sign up for a tour or lesson?
    If you're lucky, you may even be able to get a tour the day you write or call us. Less risky, though, to reserve a date 2 - 4 weeks in advance. Deposits are fully refundable if you cancel at least two weeks in advance. For an Inn-to-Inn Tour, the sooner the better, because the Inns can fill up very quickly in the summertime.
  4. I haven't kayaked before -- am I taking on too much?
    Paddling at tour pace isn't necessarily much more strenuous than walking. And it's not just about arm strength. We'll provide some technique tips to ensure you're paddling with your whole body, and if you're doing it right, as long as you take some breaks, you'll be able to go all day.
  5. What sets Water Walker apart from other outfitters?
    There are lots of outfitters and kayak guide companies on the coast of Maine. A number of them are good friends -- and we respect what most of them have to offer. But so far as we know, none of them can match our combination of personal service and quality equipment. (We don't know anyone else who offers fiberglass kayaks and carbon paddles for example, and we know of just a few outfitters who regularly offer custom tours for small groups).
  6. Should I bring a camera?
    We provide each paddler with a large dry bag -- for extra clothing, lunch, etc. -- and your camera will stay plenty dry in there. We bring a digital camera along and are happy to take trip photos and to send them to you by email after the trip is over.

Custom Kayak Tours

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