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Inn to Inn
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in Maine

We are happy to design, coordinate, and or guide inn-to-inn tours for which there are several options.

1. You can join one of our pre-scheduled guided inn-to-inn tours. These involve 4 - 6 paddlers and are usually available one or more times a month during June, July, and August. For more information, please see Featured Inn-to-Inn Tours.

2. You can contact us and request a custom inn-to-inn tour. If you provide us with your name, available dates, and the size of your group, we will aim to arrange a tour for you. For example, 4 - 8 people is an ideal group size for a custom tour. Alternately, if you are a party of two, we will aim to find one or two other couples (of similar kayaking ability) interested in an inn-to-inn tour on the same dates.

Full Service Custom Tour: Water Walker provides equipment, guide services, and shuttle service (if needed) for going inn-to-inn.

Partial Service Custom Tour: Water Walker provides some combination of equipment, route suggestions, and land support -- i.e. shuttle service to back to your vehicle at the end of your tour. (Appropriate for more experienced paddlers who don't need a guide to accompany them).

Do it Yourself Tour: Water Walker provides equipment and / or route suggestions only.

In any of the above options, we’re happy to make suggestions about particular inns, while our guests make the actual reservations with the inns.

For a custom guided inn-to-inn tour, our rates are $220.00 a day for two, or $340.00 a day for four.

For a non-guided tour, rates are variable, depending on the location of the trip and the amount of driving involved. Rental of our sea kayaks is $35.00 - $50.00 per day and includes all paddling gear. Either way, our guide support provides paddlers opportunity to do a one-way trip (rather than turning around midway through) and thus to see more of Maine's great coastline and to take advantage of prevailing winds.

Following are a few suggestions for 1 -2 night inn-to-inn tours. All involve legs of less than 10 miles between inns, but most provide opportunities for interesting side trips for more ambitious paddlers :

  • Muscongus Bay: Friendship to Port Clyde to Tenants Harbor.
  • Muscle Ridge Channel: Tenants Harbor to Clark Island to Thomaston.
  • Upper Penobscot Bay: Belfast to Searsport to Castine.
  • Western Penobscot Bay: Rockland to Rockport and Camden.
  • Eastern Penobscot Bay: Castine to Bucks Harbor to Little Deer Isle.
  • Deer Isle Circuit -- Begin at Eggemoggin Reach and circle Deer Isle and Little Deer Isle.

Scheduled Inn-to-Inn Tours
NY Times Article on one of our our Inn to Inn tours

with Ray Wirth, Registered Maine Guide

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