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Waiver of Liability / Release Form

Please read and understand this document before signing.

Water Walker Sea Kayaks goes to great lengths to assure that our guests experience an enjoyable and safe experience while participating in a sea kayaking activity, including careful planning, careful monitoring of weather conditions, and use of top quality equipment.  We wish to inform our guests that a sea kayaking activity is not risk free. We do not want to alarm you unnecessarily or to reduce your enthusiasm for the experience, but we do want you to know in advance what to expect, and to be informed of some of the possible risks.  We ask that you read this, sign it, and return it to us.

I, _________________________________________ (please print) understand and acknowledge that the sea kayak instruction or trip I am undertaking is physically and emotionally demanding and involves significant risks and hazards, such as collision with power boats, hypothermia, joint or trauma injuries, and even drowning. I am fully capable of participating in this activity, and will and do assume the risk of mortal or serious accident, injury, and loss of equipment. In addition to the risks inherent in sea kayaking, wilderness adventuring and cold-water ocean travel have numerous unpredictable hazards and stresses.

I am voluntarily and willingly choosing to engage in the sport of sea kayaking, and I fully understand and accept the risks associated with it. I also understand that while my instructors or guides have first aid training, they are not trained in extensive emergency medical procedures and that in the event of a serious medical emergency, treatment may be several hours away. I give my permission to the guides, instructors, and other participants on this trip to seek medical emergency treatment for me, even to the extent that I am unconscious or can't otherwise consent.

I agree to exercise all necessary caution during any instructionals and on any trip and to obey the safety requirements of those assisting me. I also agree to inform Water Walker Sea Kayaks of any significant aspects of my physical condition or medical history that might increase the risk to myself or others. I understand that I (and my existing insurance coverages) will cover any cost or other liabilities I may incur during this sea kayak activity.

I HAVE CAREFULLY READ AND CONSIDERED THIS INFORMATION AND RELEASE and FULLY UNDERSTAND ITS CONTENTS. I AM AWARE THAT I AM RELEASING CERTAIN RIGHTS that I otherwise may have and enter into this contract on behalf of myself and my family in consideration of being allowed to participate in this activity. I therefore totally release and absolve Water Walker Sea Kayaks, Ray Wirth, and all other guides and participants of this activity from any blame, negligence, undue responsibility, or liability of any sort. I also give permission for photographs to be taken during this trip and used by Water Walker Sea Kayaks for promotional purposes.

Signature of Participant:_______________________________________________

Name (Please print): _________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________

                              Date: _____________________________________________

Signature of Parent / Guardian (if under age 18) ____________________________________________________ Date:___________________________